Chasing pelagics at the Perth FADs

Summer is here and the FADs have been dropped in behind Rottnest Island. Which mean the Pelagic fish are in town and out to play.

We have been keeping a close eye on the weather to make sure we capitalise on any light wind day to motor out to the FADs to pick up a few fun fighting and tasty fish. There have only been a couple of days so far we managed to line up the weather, work and family commitments to get out for a day of Perth metro game fishing.

The Perth Game Fishing Club FAD is the closest one and sits in around 140m of water. It doesn’t look like much, but as you approach it, you start seeing the life. Birds, bait balls and big arches on the sounder. We threw in a couple of 6 inch skirted lures and a couple of Halco laser pros as we got sight of the FAD and almost immediately heard the drag scream. We slowed down to fight the fish and could see a large school of fish following the little Bluefin tuna we just hooked. We got him in the boat, he was only 3kg, so we put him back to keep trolling. Not 5 minutes later, two of the rods go off, again a couple of 4-5kg tuna which got iki-jimi spiked, bled and put in the ice box.

We saw some Mahi Mahi in amongst the small school tuna, but they didn’t seem to be interested in our lures, instead only giving the tuna a run and the occasional bite on the belly. So we put out the skirted lures with quick results.


A Mahi Mahi caught at the Perth fads

After catching and releasing more than half a dozen tuna in less than an hour, and the wind picking up, we decided to head on it and give the inner reefs a go….

more on that later…

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