Deep Drop Species Guide

Electric reels are becoming more affordable as well as the high tech electronics for finding those deep sea critters. When we talk about deep dropping, we normally are referring to depths well over 100m. It’s quite normal to be fishing in the 350-500m range when targeting fish.

As you would expect, the types of fish which live in these depths are a little different from your run of the mill inshore demersal species. This is a brief guide on the various fish you may encounter out there so you can make an informed choice on keeping it for food.

We have a list of the typical fish you may find, from the common ones to the less common ones. Photos will be provided if available.

Name and Depths

Greeneye’ (Spurdog Shark) 50-450m

Blue eye Trevalla 200-600m

Red Snapper (Bight redfish) 10-370m

Eightbar Cod (Greyband Cod) 100-400m

Bass Groper 100-900m

Hapuku 100-470m

Gemfish 100-800m

Seven-Gill Shark, 400-450m

Orange Roughy 800-900m

Knifejaw 30-400m

Barracouta 150-1000m

Black Snoek 0-400m

Darwin’s Roughy, 300m

Nannygai 30-350m

Imperador 180-1000m

Alfonsino 180-1000m

Yelloweyed Nannygai 90-550m

Swallowtail 10-160m

Bigeye Ocean Perch 230-1100m